Nail Hardener and Conditioner 7.4ml - Nail Magic - New Formula
Nail Magic

Nail Hardener and Conditioner 7.4ml - Nail Magic - New Formula

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Hardener & Conditioner .25 fl oz

(7.4 mL) Boxed


  • NOURISHING - Nail Magic's Newest Nail Strengthener & Conditioner, providing vitamins, minerals, and proteins to the natural nail. Your ultimate nail care for weak nails, making it stronger than ever.
  • STRENGTHEN & HYDRATE - These key ingredients benefit healthy and strong nail growth by aiding in the strength of the natural keratin, providing hydration and protection. Nail strengthener for damaged nails that also protects and hydrates.
  • KERATIN - A natural protein that makes up the nails. It hardens the nail plate and helps it become thicker. Clear coat nail polish resulting in less breakage and helps prevent splitting from occurring.
  • ARGAN OIL - Rich in vitamin E adds moisture to the nail helping with splitting and cracking. This nail moisturizer aids in bringing back moisture into the nail to help prevent them from becoming brittle.
  • BAMBOO EXTRACT - Rich in the mineral Silica adds many benefits to the strength of the nail and protects the nail. Silica is also known to have antioxidant properties for nail repair and to help protection.

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