Saffron Nail Polish (No 39 Regal Red)
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Saffron Nail Polish (No 39 Regal Red)

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  • Saffron NAIL VARNISH Colour Nos.: 01 to 54 Trend-setting shades with a top-quality formula long-lasting, chip-resistant nail lacquer. 3.4 x 8.6 Cms; 13ml net.
  • Colour No.: 55 TOP COAT seals nail colour layers with hard finish for superior wear and strength, UV filters help keep colour looking fresh and bright. = Colour No.: 56 BASE COAT formula strengthens nails with a smooth, hard finish that grips nail colours. = Colour No.: 57 NAIL HARDENER, stops nails from breaking. Virtually ends splitting, cracking and peeling. Noticeably longer, stronger, harder, healthy looking nails. Seals in moisture to nourish nails and encourage healthy nail growth.
  • Colour Nos.: 58 to 60 Saffron FRENCH MANICURE Polish helps you to create the classic French Manicure! Available in Pink, Beige and White - simply seal with a top coat for a long-lasting finish.
  • Colour Nos.: 61 to 72 GLITTER Nail Polish subtle tweeds to party disco ball to alluring confetti to luxurious gold or silver with base colour, now dress up your nails. Glitter like you have never seen before.
  • NEW: Colour Nos.: 73 to 78 PASTEL Nail Polish are one of the hottest trends this season,The finish is creamy and glossy. - Colour Nos. 79 to 84 PEARLY Nail Polish with Pearl Finish.

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