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Eyelash Tint Black or Brown 20ml - LOTUS

Eyelash Tint Black or Brown 20ml - LOTUS

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The Lotus Eyelash Tint (Black) has a great creamy formulation which provides reliable and effective results.

eyelash/eyebrow tint effectively enhances the colour of eyelash tint being used, whilst providing long lasting colour results, up to 8 weeks. For intensive deep colour and shine. Containing beeswax, this product possessing a rich cream base which can penetrate deep into the hair shaft and provide a radiant colour throughout. Eyebrows and eyelashes are visibly transformed due to a blend of active ingredients that provide long lasting and intense colour. This 20ml tube allows for approximately 40 applications per tube. Water resistant and smudge proof.

Please note: This product must be mixed with eyelash tint develop and peroxide before use. It cannot be used on its own.

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